Inspection and Evaluation
•Threshold inspection services to comply with FS 553.79

Forensic investigations including evaluation of existing structures with damage caused by fire, wind, water, termite, subsidence, and impact

•Construction defect and building code evaluations

•Cause and origin investigations

•Failure analysis and evaluation

•Litigation and expert witness support

•Evaluation of existing structural components and systems for strength and serviceability.

Diagnostics, Testing, and Specialty Services
• Floor Elevation Study

•Thermal imagery

•Steel reinforcement detection

•3D modeling and rendering.

Design and Analysis
•Development of plans and specifications for new buildings and structures. Our design experience and expertise includes Commercial, Industrial, Institutional, Educational, Religious, Residential, Theme Park/Entertainment, and Recreational facilities

•Development of plans and specifications for structural restoration, building renovation, or additions to existing structures and facilities

•Analysis of existing structures for change in occupancy/use or addition of equipment

•Repair of existing structures damaged by fire, wind, water, termite, subsidence, and impact damage

•Foundation repair design

•Equipment support structures

•Demolition planning and support including pre-demolition surveys

•Transportation related projects including bridges and culverts

•Civil related projects including drainage and flood control structures.